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Hootie in the Forest Nursery Collection

Inspired by the forest’s beauty and magic, this collection symbolises the power of the imagination, the strength of courage and the ability to explore new territories.

Escape with little Hootie to a whimsical world of enchantment and explore the boundless possibilities for the future. Nestled within the misty forest, Hootie in the Forest Nursery Collection offers a calming oasis to little ones. Created in earthy tones, using only the finest materials, this curation is comprised of Driftwood linen and Hootie fabric. Featuring a Katie Morrison Woodland Tribe design, this soft and luxurious bedding is perfect to soothe little ones into slumber. Complementing the natural beauty of Snow White linen, Autumn Leaves and Soft Teal, this curation offers a calming neutral backdrop for your little one’s dreams. Return to nature with this limited edition collection for timeless baby bedding that will nurture their imaginations for years to come.


This exquisite collection was made from a range of textiles including high-quality 100% woven cotton, premium 100% flax linen, premium linen-cotton blend bubble check fabric, soft wash polyester-cotton blend, 100% polyester Minky, 100% natural unbleached cotton wadding, premium fibre fill and exquisite 100% cotton brush fringe and embroidery floss. If you are interested in having a nursery collection designed and created for you then please reach out. Head to the Our Services page and book a chat with one of our team.


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