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Glama-Llama Nursery Collection

Capturing the vibrant colours of South America, Glama-Llama embraces the playful vibe of childhood celebrated in distant lands.

Raised in the heart of South America, Glama-Llama Nursery Collection celebrates the union of traditional motifs and playful prints. Crafted with high-quality, carefully selected fabrics, the featured Glama-Llama and Desert Cactus designs will inject excitement into your little one’s room. Accented with exquisite tassel trim, the collection is paired perfectly with Morocco Pink and Blooming Cacti fabrics to create a vibrant and playful nursery space. As your child grows and discovers their world, their beds will always reflect their unique personality. Order yours today and experience the joy of embracing a one-off nursery collection in a timeless style, perfect for infants who love life!


This exquisite collection was made from high-quality 100% woven cotton, 100% natural unbleached cotton wadding, premium 100% flax linen and exquisite tassel fringe. If you are interested in having a nursery collection designed and created for you then please reach out. Head to the Our Services page and book a chat with one of our team.


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